Because of our extensive network of  experts we can arrange customised tours for groups or individuals  specifically to fit your expectations and requirements:

  • custom-made itineraries (birds, mammals, dragonflies, butterflies, plants)
  • short visa-free tours
  • target birdwatching (Azure Tit, Great Grey Owl, Aquatic Warbler and many more)
  • landscape and habitat exploration
  • wildlife photography
  • scientific and expert trips
  • local culture and food as a part of any trip
  • optional: sightseeing

Come to see what you really want to see and travel with us at your own pace!

Travelling with us you make a difference!

All our profits are reinvested in nature conservation in Belarus. Booking through us you will be directly contributing to the work that APB-Birdlife Belarus does to protect the species and habitats of Belarus.

Observing a Greast Snipe lek