APB Wetland Centre is a daughter company of APB-BirdLife Belarus, the largest non-governmental conservation organisation in Belarus. APB works for nature protection together with over 6,000 members, volunteers and supporters. It has identified 53 Important Bird Areas and due to our efforts most of those are now under protection by the State.

APB Wetland Centre was established in 2015 to support and promote peatland restoration in Belarus. We provide expert assistance for different stages of a restoration project — from site selection, early planning and getting permits to construction oversight, wildlife habitat analysis, GHG emission reductions assessment and post-implementation monitoring.

APB Wetland Centre organises birding and wildlife tours to a variety of exciting wildlife reserves in Belarus. We prepare tours for beginners and experts with the emphasis on seeing rare birds and wildlife, experiencing the beauty of the country.

Our experts — ornithologists, botanists, entomologists and wildlife guides — have been exploring various habitats for years and seem to know almost every single species in the nature reserves and other areas, not only birds and mammals, but also insects and plants. We love our nature and are sure to be able to show you what you are really looking for and even more.

Our profits are reinvested in nature conservation and wildlife protection in Belarus. Travelling and working with us you will be directly contributing to the work that APB-BirdLife Belarus does to protect the species and habitats you are going to see!

APB-Birdlife Belarus 2020 Figures and Facts