Belarus, Europe’s Secret Wilderness, welcomes you to explore the still unspoilt beauty of its nature. Our tours will take you into the primeval forests and vast river floodplains, the extensive fen mires and bogs.

For a long time Belarus has kept its many ornithological treasures secret. Foreign birders simply were unaware of this European gem. The land of Azure Tits and Great Snipes, of Aquatic Warblers and Great Grey Owls will open its treasures for you.

Prypiać River (V.Malyščyc)


Great Grey Owl (P. Lyčkoŭski)

Azure Tits (P. Lyčkoŭski)

Aquatic Warbler (S.Zujonak)


The country is destined to become one of the front-rank birdwatching destinations in Europe. Impossible to visit when part of the USSR, Belarus now welcomes foreign birders: nature at its wildest and its best, ranging from the very localized Azure Tit, and the rare breeding Terek Sandpiper, to the full gamut of mammals — European Bison, Elk, Beaver, Wolf and Lynx.

Bielaviežškaja Pušča, the Belarusian part of Białowieża Forest (A.Bolbot)


Belarus is a destination that needs careful planning, but the wildlife dividends of this undiscovered country make it a remarkable experience not to be missed!

Follow this guide to learn why Belarus is an ideal destination for nature lovers and which fascinating birds you can find here.